BoxOne: Powering the Resistance

Last Friday, we performed our first installation on the tribal land of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation in Mahwah, NJ. BoxOne (as we’ve been calling it) will sustainably power certain key activities of the tribe’s Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp, which was opened last October to educate the public about the environmental risks of continued fossil fuel consumption and raise awareness about the Pilgrim Pipeline — a proposal that, if completed, would carry crude and refined oil within a half-mile of the Ramapough Nation’s land, posing a threat to the tribe’s main source of water. BoxPower is proud to play a small part in a noble effort to protect the land and water of Lenapehoking—the land of the Lunaape people — and beyond. The installation attracted some media attention, so here’s a round-up of the press coverage it got:

  • The Record ( did a write-up, which includes a great short video of the deployment process. One slightly technical note: despite what the headline says, the Ramapough are not now “on the grid,” but they will have a greatly increased and more stable supply of electricity because of the unit we installed there.
  • The Star-Ledger ( wrote an article highlighting the tensions between the Ramapough and the town of Mahwah.
  • The Mahwah Patch ran a short piece that gives some good background on both BoxPower and the Ramapough tribe.