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Frank Wasco

Frank Wasco

Sr. Project Manager

Frank is a distinguished renewable energy and utility professional with 30 years’ experience at Southern California Edison (SCE) Company. While at SCE, Frank managed project design and services for civil, structural and electrical engineering, permitting, installation, interconnection, and commissioning for multiple distribution based projects at SCE.

At BoxPower, Frank is managing remote grid Standalone Power System Projects for PG&E and SGD&E. This includes analyzing new projects for constructability and assisting in preliminary site engineering, project permitting; including Planning, Environmental, Civil, NEPA, CEQA, AQMD, Fire and others. Frank manages front end site engineering and design with outside site engineering and design firms including geotechnical work.

Frank has a track record of continuous personal and professional improvement as evinced by his Doctorate degree in Policy, Planning and Development from USC. Frank graduated with honors and was awarded the 2015 Dissertation of the year award at the USC Price School of Policy, Planning and Development.