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Telecom solar power systems

As the telecom industry grows, mobile network operators, tower companies, and wireless internet service providers are expanding infrastructure in remote areas with unreliable grid power or no grid power at all. The status quo solution for bad-grid and off-grid telecom infrastructure continues to be diesel generators, which come with high fuel costs and carbon emissions. BoxPower’s containerized solar microgrids provide a clean, reliable, affordable alternative to diesel generators for the telecom industry.


Turnkey telecom energy solutions for remote locations

Reduced cost

A solar microgrid supplies 24/7/365 energy at a lower cost than grid power extension or running a diesel generator for telecom towers.

Ideal for remote sites

BoxPower specializes in designing and installing solar power with battery storage solutions in rural areas.

Fast installation

BoxPower’s plug-and-play microgrids can be installed in a matter of days, keeping pace with the rapid expansion of rural telecom infrastructure.


With containerized energy storage, BoxPower systems are fire resistant and built to withstand extreme weather.

Switch to clean energy

Replacing diesel generators with on-site solar power greatly reduces carbon emissions, helping telecom operators achieve their sustainability goals.

Reliable power supply

BoxPower systems integrate solar PV, battery storage, and propane backup to guarantee a resilient, uninterrupted power supply even when the grid fails.

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Microgrid energy solutions for telecom towers

Off-grid telecom towers

Expanding rural broadband access and growing 5G networks require new tower construction in regions that may lack access to the electric grid. BoxPower standalone power systems can be rapidly deployed anywhere for a continuous energy supply. Compared to the alternatives of a diesel generator or extending grid power, BoxPower solutions are highly cost-effective.

Unreliable grid at telecom sites

Nearly 90% of telecom towers in bad-grid locations rely on diesel generators. Switching to a hybrid renewable microgrid can significantly decrease the industry’s carbon footprint and reduce fueling costs.

Telecom backup power solution

Even telecom towers with a stable grid supply can experience outages from wildfire mitigation measures and natural disasters. As internet and cell providers face stronger backup power requirements, BoxPower systems with solar, battery, and generator backup provide resilience when it’s needed most.

Get clean, reliable, affordable energy anywhere