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Solar Container

BoxPower Containerized Solar

BoxPower provides affordable, containerized solar solutions for utilities, commercial applications, remote indigenous communities, and critical facilities, both grid-tied and off-grid. All BoxPower systems offer the following benefits.

Modular and Scalable

  • System sizes ranging from 3.5kW to over 22kW per container
  • Options for additional solar via integrated rooftop or ground mount
  • Linked systems capable of generating up to 528kW
  • Flexibility to add to the system as your energy needs change

Turnkey Solutions

  • Pre-wired solar array, inverters, and outlets for plug-and-play use, with battery and generator back-up options
  • Integrated PV racking system mounted on a 20’ cargo container or 4’ x 8’ mini-box
  • Complete engineering for permit-ready solutions
  • Fully automated, with remote monitoring for managing system performance

100% Reliability at Least Cost

  • Back-up power via batteries and/or generator to keep the power flowing rain or shine
  • System optimization through in-depth Energy Audit to assure right-sizing at lowest cost
  • Cheaper than conventional ground mount, the cost-effective alternative to grid-tied and off-grid systems
45kW Buckland, AK

Fast and Hassle-free 

  • Easy installation in less than 1 day 
  • Delivery to site within 2 to 6 weeks
  • Permitting, installation, and maintenance support

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