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Solar Container Microgrid

Solar Energy Solutions

Solar ContainerSolar Container

  • For those who are looking to generate some of their own solar power and offset energy consumption from utilities.
  • Your third option to rooftop or ground mount solar – Container Mount Solar!
  • Comprised of; Solar (PV) panels, MPPT, Inverter, and Electrical Box with Breakers

Solar + Battery Container

  • All the features of the Solar Container with the addition of energy storage
  • Lead acid or Lithium-Ion batteries to maximize your solar energy production
  • Suitable for resiliency in grid-tied applications, or as a fully autonomous off-grid solar energy station
  • Comprised of; Solar (PV) panels, MPPT Inverter, Electrical Box with Breakers, and Energy Storage (Batteries; LA or Li-Ion)

Solar + GeneratorSolar Minigrid

  • For prime power applications and delivery of power 365/24/7
  • Suitable for higher average loads while maximizing solar energy use.
  • Comprised of; Solar (PV) panels, MPPT Inverter, Electrical Box with Breakers, Energy Storage (Batteries; Pb or Li-Ion), and Combustion Generator

45kW Buckland, AKMulti-Box Minigrid

A Multi Box system links together Containers to meet energy loads up to 264kW with off-grid and grid tied functionality.

BoxPower Products and Specifications

Standard Containers Custom Product Range
45SB15 30SB17 15SB22 Single Container Systems Linked Container Systems
Shipping Container Size 20ft 10, 20 & 40ft 10, 20 & 40ft
Usable Battery Capacity (kWh) 41 55 69 0 to 483 110.4 to 5,796
Nominal Battery Voltage (V) 48 24 or 48 48
Battery Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4, FLA LiFePO4, FLA
Solar Array Max Power at STC (kW) 15 17 22 5 to 22 30 to 528
Solar Inverter Max DC Power (kW) 15 15 20 6 to 40 40 to 480
Battery Inverter Power (kW) 27 0 to 48 24 to 312
AC Nominal Volatage 3-phase 120/230V DC only, 1-phase, Split-phase or 3-phase 3-phase 120/230V
Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60
Snow Load (psf) 60 up to 120
Wind Load (mph) 160 120 180 up to 180
Tilt (degrees) 45 30 15 15, 30, or 45