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BoxPower MiniBox

The BoxPower MiniBox is a pre-engineered solar power station, prefabricated inside a 4′ x 8′ palletized enclosure. All energy systems are equipped with a solar array, batteries, inverters, and the option to add an integrated generator. The MiniBox microgrid solution can seamlessly switch between off-grid and grid-tied operation.

The solar energy container optimized for small loads

The structural, electrical, and solar components are delivered inside the palletized enclosure and require less than a day to assemble.
  • 100% reliable rain or shine
  • Modular and scalable
  • Seamless switching between grid-tied and off-grid operation
  • Installs in a few hours, no foundation required
  • Pre-wired outlets for plug-and-play use
  • Fully automated operation with remote monitoring and control
  • Mobile and towable

MiniBox Applications

MiniBox solar power station features

The MiniBox is ideal for small off-grid or grid-tied applications as a cost-effective alternative to traditional generators. Due to its flexible design, multiple MiniBox containers can be added and linked together to accommodate higher loads.

MiniBox Standard Specifications



Solar Array (PV)

3.8 kW

3.8 kW

Batteries (LiFePO4)

7.6 kWh

30.4 kWh

Total Inverter Capacity

6 kW

18 kW

Output Voltage

120/240 V

120/208 V

Phase Type



Standard MiniBox Features

Plug and Play

Pre-wired inverter and batteries allow for less than a day of setup time

Permit Ready

Fully compliant and up to code for easy permitting


Electrical fault and overcurrent protection

Battery Backup

Battery backup system provides power when PV is not being generated and to enable peak shaving

Intelligent Bi-Directional Inverters

Best-in-class intelligent inverters increase efficiency, extend battery life, and provide global monitoring access

Rugged Powder-Coated Container

Compact, powder-coated steel enclosure provides a strong, weatherproof environment for inverters and batteries

Easy Racking System

Allows solar array to be installed, uninstalled, and moved in under two hours

Remote Monitoring

Diagnose issues and observe system functioning at all times

10-Year Warranty

Equipment manufacturer warranty for all components

Optional MiniBox Features

Diesel or Propane Generator

Provides added reliability with automated start, fault protection, and cycle charging functionality

Trailer Add-On

Mountable on a towable trailer, providing simple transit for temporary power solutions

Auxiliary Ground-Mounted Array

Supplies additional PV generation to reduce the need for a backup generator

Learn more about the MiniBox energy container

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