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Solar Container

Solar Container Microgrid

BoxPower Solar Container

The Solar Container is a grid-tied power station that comes with the electrical system prewired. The structural components and solar panels are shipped in the box and requires a day to assemble. Assembly requires only two electrical connections and does not require a foundation. The Solar Container is compatible with utility grids and is compatible with Solar Battery Containers for adding extra solar production.

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Product Features:

  • Rapid assembly solar system
  • Multi-purpose storage room
  • Space efficient
  • Fully automated operation
  • Optional remote monitoring and control
  • Two 120V/20A outlets and one 240V/50A outlet
  • Electrical fault & overcurrent protection

BoxPower Offers:

  • Installation support
  • Technical support
  • Extended Warranty

BoxPower Solar Container

S17.3 S8.6 S3P17.3
Solar Nameplate Rating (kW) 17.3 8.6 17.3
Nominal Voltage Range (V) 208 / 240 208 / 240 480 / 277 V WYE
Solar Inverter Rating (kW) 15.5 7.7 15
Solar String Voc (V) 573.6 573.6 573.6
Warranty on System (YR) 10 10 10