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Microgrid Fabrication & Installation

Reduce costs, save time, and avoid unwanted surprises by partnering with BoxPower for all aspects of microgrid assembly and installation. Our EPC solar services make the process seamless and worry-free for our clients. With our team of certified fabricators, electricians, project managers, and installation professionals, BoxPower delivers the highest quality off-grid and grid-tied systems.

Your single point of contact for microgrid assembly and installation


Our procurement specialists secure top-of-the-line equipment from PV panels to inverters to conduits, all at competitive prices with comprehensive warranty terms.


The BoxPower team manages the process for timely and secure delivery of all equipment and materials to your project site.

Utility Interconnection

Often one of the most complicated parts of microgrid operation, BoxPower brings years of experience in connecting systems to the utility grid if needed.

Project Management

Our team develops a project timeline and oversees all elements of site preparation, equipment delivery, and system testing to ensure a seamless installation process for our clients.


BoxPower handles the mechanical and electrical construction of our containerized microgrid systems from start to finish.

Commissioning & Testing

We finish projects by commissioning all system components and working with the clients and vendors for final testing and verification.  

Installing a BoxPower SolarContainer in less than a day

Learn more about BoxPower’s turnkey solar services

BoxPower’s end-to-end microgrid services

BoxPower makes it as simple and efficient as possible for our clients to get access to clean energy and start saving money.

Consulting & Project Development

-Energy audit

-Feasibility study

-Microgrid system design

-Financial modeling

Fabrication & Installation


-Microgrid assembly

-On-site installation


Operations & Maintenance

-Remote monitoring

-Lifetime maintenance

-Diagnosis and troubleshooting

-Automated fuel delivery


“We were thrilled to build [the Pallet Shelter] village in partnership with BoxPower who in a matter of hours versus months was able to deliver the electricity needed to every single one of these shelters.”

Brandon Bills, Pallet Shelter

Get clean, reliable, affordable energy anywhere