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Solar Powered EV Charging Stations

With the rising adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), having sustainable and resilient charging solutions in every community will be critical. Getting sufficient power for EV charging often requires expensive, time-consuming utility upgrades or line extension, especially in rural and remote areas. BoxPower containerized microgrids offer an alternative: reliable, solar-powered EV charging anywhere — no grid necessary.



Off-Grid EV Charger Advantages

Lower costs

Solar plus battery systems provide affordable EV charging compared to the status quo of utility upgrades, line extensions, and high demand charges.


BoxPower systems provide reliable EV charging independent of the grid, offering resilience against natural disasters and grid outages.

Rapidly Deployable

Get EV chargers installed faster with BoxPower’s pre-engineered, modular microgrids — no utility interconnection required.

Install chargers anywhere

BoxPower specializes in rugged solar power and battery storage solutions ideal for solar EV charging stations in rural and remote environments.


Charge EVs with the power of the sun, backed up by battery storageFor reliability in worst-case scenarioswe can integrate a propane or renewable propane generator. 

End-to-end solution

BoxPower is a leader in off-grid solar plus battery system design, fabrication, installation, and operation. We’ll work with you every step of the way.

Configure your solar EV charger solution