California: A Model of Energy Resilience for Critical Facilities

California Case Study

A need for emergency backup power has now been highlighted by the energy crisis in BoxPower’s home state of California. Destructive wildfires combined with rolling power shut offs have made relying on the grid a risky endeavor. Millions of Californians went without power in October and November of 2019, with many more ‘Public Safety Power Shut Offs’ planned for the future. BoxPower’s office faced over 150 hours of outage but was able to stay open and productive thanks to one of its systems. This is just one example of how BoxPower microgrids offer a solution to this unique challenge facing California’s future

A New Era of Wildfires

In 2018, BoxPower spearheaded wildfire resilience and recovery efforts in Northern California wildfires, aiding in the recovery from fires.

BoxPower provided solar equipment to residents impacted by the Paradise Fire, consulting to county agencies regarding their critical facility resilience plans, and supporting non-profits in procuring microgrid systems for medical clinics and community centers.

Public Safety Power Shut Offs in California

In 2019, the risk of wildfires caused by transmission lines forced the investor owned utility, PG&E to enact the ‘Public Safety Power Shut Off.’ As blackouts extended for days, and gas stations were unable to pump fuel, Californians felt firsthand the significant impact of unreliable power. 

BoxPower stepped in and began serving California governmental and NGO clients to plan, procure, and execute microgrid resilience projects at critical facilities impacted by the wildfire prevention ‘Public Safety Power Shut Offs.’ Nevada County, BoxPower’s home county, is now one of multiple counties working with BoxPower to identify sites and critical loads, as they implement BoxPower for its 2020 resilience plan. 

Energy Resilience

Energy insecurity is driving interest in distributed energy alternatives, especially solar + storage microgrid systems, that can deliver reliable, 24-hour power. BoxPower has been on the leading edge of this seeing increased demand for its modular microgrid system from customers throughout California. 

BoxPower continues to work with governmental and non-profit agencies in California and around the world, providing advanced energy technologies, resilience consulting, and project management services in preparation for future natural disasters – ensuring that the people, and those responsible for them – have access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy  – anywhere.