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Solar Battery Container

Solar Container Microgrid

BoxPower Solar Battery Container

The Solar Battery Container is a standalone battery based solar power station that comes with the electrical system prewired. The structural components and solar panels are shipped in the box and require only 5 hours to assemble. Assembly requires only two electrical connections, and does not require a foundation. Solar battery backup provides extended reliable power and energy security in the event of a power outage, and is capable of peak power shaving. The Solar Battery Container is grid-tied and off-grid compatible. It is also ready for auto-start generator hookup.

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Product Features:

  • No foundation ground mount
  • Rapid assembly solar system
  • Multi-purpose storage room
  • Space efficient
  • Fully automated operation
  • Optional remote monitoring and control
  • Two 120V/20A outlets and one 240V/50A outlet
  • Electrical fault & overcurrent protection
  • Industrial battery bank for backup
  • Automatic battery watering system
  • 100% reliable power
  • Connect multiple systems for any load requirement

BoxPower Offers:

  • Installation support
  • Technical support
  • Extended Warranty

BoxPower Solar Battery Container

SB17.3 SB8.6 SB3P17.3
Solar Nameplate Rating (kW) 17.3 8.6 17.3
Nominal Voltage Range (V) 208 / 240 208 / 240 480 / 277 V WYE
Solar Inverter Rating (kW) 15.4 7.7 15
Battery Inverter Rating (kW) 11.5 11.5 11.5
Solar String Voc (V) 573.6 573.6 573.6
Battery Size (kWhr) 83.6 64.3 83.6
Warranty on System (YR) 10 10 10