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Solar Container Microgrid

Angelo Campus


With a background in Civil Engineering and Anthropology, Angelo Campus has spent 6 years working on BoxPower Inc. and its precursor research projects. He has designed three generations of BoxPower™ systems, overseen two international pilot deployments, and raised over $500k in early-stage funding for BoxPower since incorporating in 2016. Angelo is also a recipient of the 2017 Echoing Green Climate Fellow, and the 2017 Princeton Tiger Entrepreneur Award.

Angelo graduated magna cum laude from Princeton in 2016, where he designed an independent major combining civil engineering and anthropology, with a focus on renewable energy technologies and business models for rural electrification. By now, you’re thinking, “whoa that’s a whole lot of words.. what exactly does he do?” Basically, Angelo cares deeply about making renewable energy available to those who traditionally couldn’t receive its benefit. Besides passion and dedication, Angelo’s skills include the technical design and construction of renewable microgrids, as well as computational modeling of renewable resource integration and optimization. He also likes climbing rocks.

Anderson Barkow


Anderson Barkow joined BoxPower as VP of Finance after spending three years at Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Corporate and Investment Bank, where he underwrote debt products and managed risk to Fortune 500 Technology companies. He brings experience in impact-focused ventures with work at RSF Social Finance and Wakabi Boda Solutions, an SMS based app seeking to solve last mile distribution in Uganda. Anderson graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Finance from Santa Clara University in 2015. In his spare time, you can (try to) find Anderson backpacking or skiing down mountains. If you do catch him, ask him about BoxPower’s financial prowess, or his recent two-week trek in the Himalayas.

Dr. Julia (Jay) Hasty


Dr. Julia (Jay) Hasty brings her extensive knowledge of innovative renewable energy technology, and experience in green technology start-ups to the BoxPower™ mission. Her past work includes directing the development and operation of a 1-million-gallon-per-year vegetable-oil-to-biodiesel plant in Oregon, and functioning as both Director of Customer and Technical Support and the Director of Technology at ALL Power Labs, Inc.During her time at ALL Power Labs, Jay helped build the initial team, oversaw the foundational layout of the company, and directed the research, design and deployment of +500 gasifier units including grid tied and off-grid systems in +35 countries.

Jay’s insatiable interest in clean fuels from sustainable resources lead to her work in nanocatalysis for gas-to-liquid fuel technologies with Dr. Devinder Mahajan as a PhD graduate student at the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center at Stony Brook University (www.aertc.org). It also helped her launch NanoSulf, a company commercializing a renewable gas clean up technology under the PowerBridge NY startup accelerator program. Jay is currently an adjunct professor at Stony Brook University, an associate at the Institute of Gas Innovation and Technology (I-GIT), and holds a doctorate degree in Material Science Engineering with a focus in Chemical Engineering.

Michele Nesbit


Born and raised in Nevada County, Michele Nesbit returned home six years ago to play a part in the local off-grid solar industry, serving as Operations and Supply chain manager at PlanIt and Sierra Solar. She graduated in 2010 with honors from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science. Michele contributes her extensive experience designing off-grid energy systems and managing solar inventory to the BoxPower engineering team. In her spare time, Michele is an active member of many local theatre groups, a volunteer math tutor, and overall creative person.

Trevor Woessner

Electrical Systems

Trevor Woessner joined BoxPower as Electrical Operations Manager in February of 2018. Trevor moved to Chicago Park from Denver, Colorado in 2014 where he graduated with honors from Red Rocks Community College in Renewable Energy Technology majoring in Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Energy. Trevor has worked in the solar and electrical field for 8 years both locally and in Colorado where he apprenticed under a Master Electrician. Prior to his renewable energy career Trevor worked for a prestigious company building upscale homes in Boulder, Colorado. Trevor’s extensive knowledge in building and renewable energy technology is an asset to BoxPower’s operations team.

Since moving from the big city of Denver Trevor and his wife have had two daughters, acquired land, and quite a few animals. He is an avid skier, hockey player, and disc golfer. When not having tea parties with his two-year-old Trevor is either building something or playing a round of disc on his custom built home course. Trevor is truly devoted to saving the world one solar system at a time. He is excited to help bring BoxPower into the off-grid world!

Will Heegaard

Disaster Response

Will Heegaard sees every disaster as an opportunity to build back better. Will received his BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley before training to become a registered Paramedic. Will responded with International Medical Corps to Typhoon Haiyan, then trained clinicians as a Program Manager in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak. Domestically, Will’s been on the ground with Team Rubicon after disasters in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Puerto Rico, and recently deployed a solar micro-grid to offset diesel use at Black Rock City’s Rampart Medical Clinic. Fascinated by the connection between public health, environmental science and humanitarian crisis, Will works on projects that sit at the nexus of emergency response and sustainable development. When he’s not on an ambulance or in the field, he likes to cook, write, travel and tinker on his off-grid tiny house.

Gary Campus


Gary Campus has created homes and energy efficient structures as a licensed contractor in Nevada County, CA for over 30 years. He also created Angelo! Yup, BoxPower is part father-son venture. Gary uses his extensive background in building and remodeling energy efficient homes to work alongside his son as Production Manager at BoxPower. As part owner of Sustainable Energy Group Inc. for many years, Gary has shown commitment to building creative and high quality solar systems, always with the determination to deliver the best products available to his customers. Besides drumming in his rock-n-roll band Achilles Wheel, helping Angelo bring innovative, effective sustainable energy solutions to people all over the world is the most satisfying job he could hope for.

Jim Crawford


Jim joined BoxPower in 2017 from a successful background in energy and med-tech start-ups, as well as high-end home construction. His past work includes production engineer and quality control at NES Dynacon (Nuclear Energy Services), Kevex, and Toshiba America MRI. As a building contractor, his specialties included solar hydronic heating systems, and photovoltaics. At BoxPower, Jim manages all metal fabrication and customization, as well as the machine shop operations. When he isnt at work, you’ll find Jim enjoying a cold beer in an alpine meadow or fishing in a glacial lake.

Randy Hart

Business Development Manager

Randy is a northern California native that has spent time working and studying across most of the western states. Growing up in a geodesic dome with solar hot water and wood heat, sustainable living is at his core. After studying Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle, Randy took a turn toward business. His experience at United Rentals and Planetary Power offer great insight for developing customer relationships across many industries and a chunk of the world. His passion for helping customers find solutions is second only to his passion for motorcycles.