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Standalone power systems for utilities

 BoxPower Remote Grids are an ideal solution for utilities seeking to reduce line maintenance and wildfire hardening costs. Our hybrid solar microgrids provide permanent, on-site energy with increased reliability, lower costs, and reduced wildfire risk.


Microgrids optimized for 5 kW to 1 MW utility projects


Solar with propane backup systems maintain a very low carbon footprint

Cost effective

Non wires alternatives deliver immediate savings over line upgrades and maintenance


BoxPower’s modular remote grids are standardized for scaling to subsequent projects


BoxPower provides turnkey engineering, installation, and management services

Rapidly deployable

Microgrids are configured from our pre-engineered products for a streamlined process

Rugged design

With unparalleled experience in remote areas, expect innovative solutions for challenging conditions


Utilities are transforming rural energy with remote grids


PG&E permanently replaced traditional distribution lines with on-site solar, battery, and backup for a rural community.

Liberty Utilities

With an islandable microgrid, Liberty Utilities can de-energize remote lines during fire season.

Buckland Utility Co.

By using BoxPower products, utility customers reduced project costs up to 50%.

Configure your remote grid solution

Save money on distribution upgrades while increasing renewable fraction and energy resiliency


Non wires alternative for California wildfire mitigation

“It would have cost about $3 million to harden the entire 4-mile line, which has 90 poles. By avoiding having to upgrade the line, the utility expects to save more than $2 million over the lifetime of the microgrid.”

Amanda Chee
Program Manager
Liberty Utilities, California

Get clean, reliable, affordable energy anywhere