Energy Solutions for Utility Customers in Alaska

Alaska Case Study

Utility and community scale customers are among BoxPower’s strongest applications. By using BoxPower products, utility customers in Alaska have reduced project costs by up to 50%

A Cost-Effective Solution

BoxPower’s most concentrated utility customers have been in Alaska with customers including NANA Regional Corporation, Buckland Municipal District, and Deering Municipal District. In two communities already with a third on the way, Alaska is one of the oldest microgrid markets in the world given the remote nature for many of its communities. Historically, diesel-based, these microgrids face -50 degree F temperatures, harsh winds, and require fuel to be flown or barged in.

Facing high and increasing diesel prices, BoxPower multi-box microgrids have become a cost-effective solution due to its turnkey design.

BoxPower has streamlined the design, procurement, and installation process for solar microgrids in one of the most challenging regions in the world.

BoxPower customer Brian Hirsch, of Deerstone Consulting

Reliable Power Anywhere

When delivering power to more than 1,200 residents in some of the most remote places in the world, reliability is essential in our system design. With built-in redundancies and proven execution, BoxPower is proud to ensure lights, refrigerators, ovens, and warm water stays on. 

Paying more than seven dollars per gallon, customers have been won in competitive bidding processes and by articulating quick 3-5 year return on investments. Additionally, Sonny Adams from one project sponsor NANA articulates, “This solution will provide dependable power that is also clean, important to protecting the subsistence foods we rely on.”

BoxPower is excited to apply its standardized and streamlined design to reduce design, installation, and logistics costs on your next utility or community project.